that last summer…

by remembertoexhale

Sometimes when I’m feel gray and charcoal and charred at the sides
I think of when we kissed that one time
I romanticize it a bit
remembering how we nuzzled our noses
when you bit my lip
and you nearly drove me crazy
and when we laughed when our teeth accidentally knocked
I choose to forget how I was cool and detached
when that happened
but instead I remember how we got on the topic of beauty
and I said I didn’t think I was
and I meant it
and you said “what? you are so so beautiful Amy”
I choose to forget that you were very very drunk
as was I
and I remember how you were gentle
I remember running my hands through your hair
and thinking “ohmygod”.
When I romanticize it
I think that maybe I meant something
even just a tiny bit.
because I was a part of your past
when I romanticize it
I think that maybe the reason why you
stay the teeniest bit in contact
is because I was the girl
who disappeared the next day
the one who didn’t say goodbye
when I romanticize it
I think maybe, just maybe, you see me as
“the one that got away”
but most of the time
I just don’t think about it