You asked me to write about you

by remembertoexhale

you asked me to write about you one day
as if my writing would ever get anywhere
so I’m writing about you now

you came to me in a text message
a few short words
a few short breaths
I didn’t know you at all
but you made it seem as if I did

man of few words
I could tell 
that you didn’t quite know
who you were exactly
caught in between
who you were expected to be
who you were seen as
and who you thought you were supposed to be

and in a desperate pursuit of
trying on a new persona
you discarded of your virginity
as quickly as one might
discard of a dirty dishtowel

you probably thought that in doing so
you were discarding of 
all the expectations on you

turns out they were harder to discard of
than you initially thought
when you saw me again

 you didn’t know what to do with me
because I was part of your roots
but an extension into your present state

and so we played a game 
for two
where we shared
and we didn’t care

there were no feelings
or any emotional dealings
but a simple happiness
where it was not the importance 
of a Friday night
but the whole day Saturday