tantalized tastebuds

by remembertoexhale

I have tasted bits of love
I have tasted the bitter flavour
of unrequited love.
I tasted love
when my breath caught at the sight of him
I tasted it when my insides ached at the thought
of being with him.

I have tasted love
in bits and pieces
in snatches of kisses
here and there
I tasted it
when the music swirled
and his fingers interlaced mine

I tasted it
over coffee and chai tea
on a Wednesday
in the rain
I tasted it when our knees touched
when our shoulders brushed
I tasted it in a smile
yes I have had love in bits and pieces

I have tasted it in the words
“I want none, I want YOU”
that were shortly thereafter taken back
yes I have tasted it
in minutes or two
or three or four or five

and it has only been
bits and pieces and fragments
but  surely
the fragments come from
an all-encompassing whole