twenty four hours

by remembertoexhale

I want you to have me
and rip me to shreds after twenty four hours
I don’t care
maybe I’ll become that hazy memory
of a perfect twenty-four hours
you might tell your kids about one day
the girl you spent twenty four hours with
your wife will tell you it wasn’t real
and of course if its only twenty four hours it would seem that way
but both of us will know
that 12 of them were spent kissing
8 of them talking
3 eating
1 wandering around
it was perfect
for that very reason
and maybe one day
we’ll bump into each other
when we’re thirty-five
and you might have two kids
and I’ll be the editor of a fashion magazine
and for a moment or two we’ll feel nineteen again
and then vaguely remember the perfection of those twenty four hours
and then life will go on
just as it always does.