purple lilies

by remembertoexhale

I still think of you sometimes
on a quiet Saturday afternoon
I still think of you sometimes
when I look at diamond-back couches or see a pair of leather sandals
and when I see purple lilies
I remember how they used to line the path up to your front door
I remember your moments of tenderness
especially when I told you that I loved you
you put it in a precious box with all the other “I love yous”
stowed in your heart for safe-keeping
because your love came in the form of
tomato spaghetti,chicken, ice cream, skittles
and clothes
I loved you
I loved your hands
the years of upholstering causing extra knuckles to appear
the soft wrinkles that covered them
and I loved how they would caress me
the same hands that lifted couches and peeled potatoes
and picked out dainty dresses
I still love you
and I remember your strength and resilience well