Oranges are Orange

by remembertoexhale

I remember the day that you said
“there is a reason for everything”
I asked you why oranges were called the colour “orange”
but lemons were called “lemons” when they were yellow
but the only answer I ever got was
“there is a reason for everything”

so I grew up believing that there was a reason for everything
I believed that the reason for dying was dying
the reason for love was love

but never once did I think that the black and brown stains on your teeth
were from your twenty cigarettes a day
or the scrapes and bruises on your knees from kneeling and scrubbing the floors

when you told me that I was important
I didn’t believe that I was important
because in school we were taught that important people
were the people in government

when I asked you what I should be one day
you told me that I could be anything I want
and I asked you why
and you said
“there is a reason for everything”