Crossing the Road

by remembertoexhale

I’m waiting to cross the road and I’m thinking of the sky, I’m thinking of how when you’re amongst the skyscrapers and the hooting of car horns and the smoke derived thereof, all you feel is grey, grey claustrophobia. All it takes though is to tilt your head upwards and there, not so far beyond the tops of the damned skyscrapers is the sky which it supposedly scrapes. It goes on forever and ever- which is eternal, but you know that somewhere beyond the blue of the sky that seems eternal and the white of the clouds which look like pleasant marshmallows lays an entirely different world which hardly anyone understands because all we understand is that it is ever expanding and ever changing. Unlike our own Earth’s status which is dying, nearly dead be it in society or in natural occurrences which we have altered to suit our own needs, some call it change but I am wondering if this is just a synonym for selfishness. Because right now I see a world where people can hardly interact in person anymore, a generation of men who do not remember that their hands and their arms are meant for opening doors and a generation of women who don’t realise  that bra’s are meant to be worn under clothes. A generation where anything goes because tolerance, tolerance, tolerance  is our anthem if you have an opinion on anything you get shot at because you have an opinion of it in the first place- why ask for my opinion if you’re going to tell me to put it in my pocket. And the truth is I don’t know what I think of anything anymore and maybe I’m safer if I live without really feeling or thinking. All these thoughts pass through my mind in a matter of seconds maybe a minute would explain the ache and stiffness in my neck as I tilt my head back down suddenly seeing that the red set of lights in the pattern of a man is now dimmed and instead there is a green set of lights in the shape of a man which is universally known to tell you it is safe to walk across the road. So I do start to walk because that is what I have been taught. I cross the asphalt barely feeling my thick soles on the pavement so that I might not feel the sidewalks of life.