Remember to Exhale

find some release


He was kind of like the beginning of a story, you know that feeling when you open a book and you drink in every word like a cold glass of water on a hot day, everything you need to begin again. Except every time I saw him I got that same feeling and I never wanted the book to end. I think the problem was that I thought the book ended once the glass of water was finished and hot days need more than a single glass of water, and that made me kiss him like I was drowning and he was air.

Introduction (let me know if I should continue this story)

There are many nicer sounding ways to say overweight for example; rotund, or curvaceous, slightly on the heavier side, or even voluptuous. The truth is; this guy was just fat, and standing two feet away from me he smelled of sweat and urine. Sweat that had dried and re-sweated a number of times over the course of the day or days. Brown t-shirt with stains on his protruding tummy. He was the sort of person my mother might call an unsavoury character… and yet he had the soft eyes of a honey bear.


All the rooms are so
empty, won’t you come and
fill the void in mine?


Will you take these hands
that are so cold and lifeless
hold them between yours


and so she carried
her head high above her heart
and started over

I hate you

I hate that I want you so much
I hate that I can’t have you
I hate the fact that I crave your sound
after I haven’t heard it in a while
I hate that you can’t see me
I hate it I hate it I hate it
I hate that you’ve almost become a fixed point in my life
and I hate that your arm around my shoulders is better
than any kiss from any hot guy
I hate that you care
I hate that you forget about me
I hate that I can’t understand our relationship
I hate that I’m so comfortable with you
I hate you
but I seriously love you
and I hate that I drop everything as soon you ask me to


how do you make your
heart stop loving someone if
you stop breathing too


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